Air-atomizing micro spray nozzle B12

B12 micro spray nozzles posted by ioos systems

The B12 air-atomizing micro spray nozzles are precision machined using custom micro turning machines to obtain tight tolerances and improved concentricity of liquid and gas orifice. There are no moving parts or valves that can compromise the effectiveness of the spray. The micro nozzles are used in high demanding applications, such as stent coating, by multinational companies. More ..

ioos micronozzle
Enlarged view of micro nozzle tip section

Design and manufacturing of nano-micro nozzles

nozzle design and production posted by ioos systems

A small nozzle orifice size results in small droplet sizes.”
This assumption is often not true, in particular for multiple-fluid or twin-fluid nozzles due to high demanding tolerance and surface finish requirements. More ..

Scanning Electron Microscopy of nozzle tip
SEM image of liquid and air orifice of micro nozzle

Micro spray nozzle quality control

nozzle quality control posted by ioos systems

Each spray nozzle is inspected during manufacturing and rigorously tested in our spray lab. 100% inspection assures a consistent quality and spray performance from one nozzle to the next. More ..

droplet breakup at nozzle exit
Magnified view of droplet breakup at the nozzle exit